„Good architecture must be a reflection of life itself, and that requires an intimate knowledge of biological, social, technical, and artistic problems.“
— Walter Gropius

Everyone who establishes their own company does not know beforehand how hard it can be. It is good if they have a partner to assist them in the process. Reliance, honesty, and sometimes something in-between genius and suspected chaos.
We are thankful.
And we would like to have the opportunity to tell you our story personally - with pen and paper.

Our planning services are based upon a sound foundation of professional knowledge and experience working in the field.
Our planning business is active on a national and international scale.

We also have regional offices at several locations including Hof, Berlin and Brandenburg.

18 Architects/ Engineers.
2 technical specialists.
3 Freelancers.
National and international network of specialized consultants
Department of Marketing and Media


Building construction
Industrial construction
Civil engineering
City planning/ Landscape design/ Project management
Studies and competitions

Marketing, media

Generalplaner, Architekturbüro Architekturleistung, Ingenieursleistung Luftrettungsstation, Einfamilienhaus, Mehrfamilienhaus, Sanierung, Denkmalschutz, Freianlagen, Heliport, Luftfahrtprojekte, Interior Design, Projektsteuerung, Bauleitplanung, Industriebau, Gesellschaftsbau, Wohnimmobilien, Stadtentwicklungskonzepte


is to make a professional contribution in the shaping of our environment, to this extent we work to create and successfully implement; economically feasible, fully functional, architecturally interesting, high quality, and energy-efficient buildings and facilities.

We want to provide the best solutions for all of our target areas and for each of our customers.

Being successful is to also make others successful. This is the guiding principle that our team follows. It has to be fun, it must be challenging and personally rewarding. This always means trust and a team atmosphere.


a variety of living environments; starting with the smallest everyday touchable objects – the door handle, the light switch and the water-tap, and going all the way up to the largest objects- those which truly can not be overlooked- buildings.

Moreover, we have a very good reputation from our colleagues and clients who know us to be a highly reliable and esteemed partner, working with them to create the highest possible value.


Teamwork, open communication, respect for each other, freedom of development, and our famous “promotion by means of challenge” has created our highly qualified and dedicated team. Despite having a good ship, a captain is only as good as his entire crew. We promote this and it is the basic principle of our company.

When we meet people – authorities, cultures, circumstances – we make a point to always be very respectful, honest and courteous.


A brand is much more than a logo, slogan or a common catchphrase.
When done well it also involves paying close attention to costs, deadlines, quality, and making sure that things happen at the right time. In addition to all planning activities and plan delineations, there comes a time in every project where the threshold between theory and practice needs to be understood. This requires recognition and negotiation. As a planning office, we are always prepared for practical issues. This means, we also see to it that what we have planned also gets built.

Building is a delightful process and to make sure that this pleasure is not overshadowed by the sudden emergence of an unpleasant situation, we have high demands and plan our projects with particular attention to given to feasibility, functionality and affordability. Our years of experience and interdisciplinary style of working rise up to meet this challenge. We want to be evaluated by our end product – the results – and for us this goes beyond the mere physical outcome, and also includes the satisfaction of our customers. As part of our personable customer service, we make sure that what we have planned is realized exactly according to our specifications.

"Philosophy - this is how books can be filled. It is important that we provide what we live and breathe, brought to life for you."

"For us, the love of truth lies in action, and acting out in doing. This is what our work means to us."


Interdisciplinary – because the connecting element is so important.
Mixing the different disciplines; architecture, engineering and management is so important, to ensuring eventual success. Working interdisciplinary mean to think outside the box and in many dimensions, to consider a problem from all aspects and find a fitting solution.
Concretely it means integrating the efforts of all of the participating specialists early on to ensure that they will be able to step in at the appropriate time in the planning process and moreover, to ensure that functionality, feasibility and budget restrains are held in consideration. This allows us to visualize the entire process at an early stage and have a better idea of what to expect.

This is an important part of our corporate philosophy and responsibility. This challenges us to break away from old thinking patterns and to be open to new ideas and inspirations. This is our greatest strength and is confirmed by the variety of references and assignments that we have passionately and successfully taken on as General Planners.


Each employee strives to optimally navigate customer and project challenges, in doing so they focus on customer and team member needs and work to achieve satisfaction.
All inquiries and complaints will be properly handled in a timely manner and in accordance with our protocol.
Interactions between employees are characterized by mutual respect.
Team spirit, professionalism, fairness and trust are the foundation of our work together. For our company, environmental awareness means caring about energy consumption and resources on a daily basis. We are transparent about our energy consumption costs and consistently encourage them to be reduced.
This is intended to motivate and sensitize our employees to the topic of “environmentally-sound behavior.” Accurate monitoring helps to minimize.
We are committed to helping our employees achieve a balance between work and private life, with particular attention given to job and family compatibility.
Outstanding performance is the prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. Therefore, SIGMAPLAN ® WEIMAR GmbH particularly promotes employees who demonstrate professional competence, as well as strong social skills that contribute to the sustainable success of our company.
A copy of our company’s Code of Ethics can be send to you upon request.